Is'nt this sunset cool?

my first image post


Here it is, a photo from my D80, it's me, taken by a friend, a little editing of raw and texture overlaying

Nikon D80

I just bough a Nikon D80, it's my first DSLR, i am very exited,
I will post some pictures very soon

FLICKR YAY :) :) :)

I Made me a Flickr account...... now i'm a real graphic artist

About Me

Hello there,

I'm Slavik and I'm an amateur graphic designer, and sorta getting into photography. I am extremely grateful to God for this talent that i have and wish to serve Him with it.

Hope you get inspired, or you to inspire me :).

- God Bless -

Another Blog Post

So I'm Mostly Done with making a blog, and about to make a flickr to upload bunch of my work there. I will continue to put up my work as I go.


Hello, my new blog